Ever thought about the legendary existence of Sasquatch or the Okanagon Monster-man of Palmer Lake? Now is your opportunity to explore the region in the Pacific Northwest where these famous mythodologies originated. If you are interested in the myths and legends of ancient cultures then we encourage you to join us on our educational expedition to the Similkameen River Valley. Email us, at the address listed below, for a detail information package.


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Similkameen River Valley

Nighthawk sparked our imaginations taking us to the farthermost realms of reality. Like the nearby Similkameen River, the ruins of the Nighthawk mining comunity set the stage for an adventure beyond anything that we could possibly conceive. A journey through slices of time passing within the boundaries of two distinct, yet separate, civilzations. In order to drift from one time period to the other it was first necessary to experience the mythodology of the Okanagon Indians. I do not think that any archaeologist could every step foot on the Okanagon Highlands and not feel the magic emitting from the mysterious Similkameen River. Even the great mountains surrounding the Similkameen Valley are important icons representing ancient beliefs concerning the creation of humankind.

Email us today for expedition program details. Group membership is limited to twelve individuals, including two team coordinators. Daily living and travel expenses will be provided to the team coordinators.